Different Types Of Computer Keyboards In Market

Due to the requirement for different types of computer keyboards , manufacturers have come up with a variety that range from simple text to more complex multimedia keyboards. Each keyboard has different benefits and while certain keyboards provide shortcuts to apps like email or other applications, others enable users to connect to applications such as media players. This article will provide a detailed explanation of the different types of keyboards on the market best midi keyboard for logic pro x.

A standard computer keyboard that doesn’t have any advanced features comes with an 84-key keyboard. The layout of a basic computer keyboard is similar to the typewriter, however additional keys feature are included to access applications like Word processing and email documents.

The multimedia computer keyboard has 101 keys. These keys are commonly referred to as hot keys or shortcuts. Some multimedia keyboards contain more than 104 keys, and these devices offer more features compared to keyboards with 101 keys. Advanced or multimedia keyboards come with added features such as an independent numbers pad, caps lock key or shift lock keys as well as short cut keys that take you to in built multimedia applications. A choice to activate that sticky function also available on keyboards with advanced features.

A computer keyboard that is ergonomic has a special design that allows you to keep your hands in a natural posture when typing. The keyboards are suitable for those who use their computer for longer than 3 hours a day, or for those with wrist issues.

There are many manufacturers creating keyboards that are available in various dimensions, shapes, and colors. Traditional keyboards can be large and available in standard colors such as black, grey and white but these modern and better keyboards come in colors such as pink, red, yellow and purple. Some manufacturers even offer keyboards that come with a built light and these keyboards are ideal for use in the dark when external lights are dim or turned off.

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